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BMC Genomics
Signal transduction-related responses to phytohormones and environmental inputs in sugarcane
Flávia Riso Rocha, Flávia Stal Papini-Terzi, Milto ...
DNA Research
Transcription Profiling of Signal Transduction-Related Genes in Sugarcane Tissues
Flávia Stal Papini-Terzi, Flávia Riso Rocha, Ricar ...
Plant Biotechnology Journal
Sugarcane for bioenergy production: an assessment of yield and regulation of sucrose content
Waclawovsky, A.J., Sato, P.M., Lembke, C.G., Moore ...
BMC Genomics
Sugarcane genes associated with sucrose content
Papini-Terzi, F. S., Rocha, F.R., Vêncio, R.Z.N., ...
Tropical Plant Biology
Expression profile of signal transduction components in a sugarcane population segregating for sugar content
Felix, J. M., Papini-Terzi, F. S., Rocha, F. R., V ...
Plant Cell and Environment
Elevated CO2 increases photosynthesis, biomass, productivity and modifies gene expression in sugarcane
Silva, A.P., Gaspar, M., Silva, E.A.; Ulian, E.C.; ...
Plant Molecular Biology
Identification of sense and antisense transcripts regulated by drought in sugarcane.
Lembke, Carolina G. ; Nishiyama, Milton Y ; Sato, ...
Full-Length Enriched cDNA Libraries and ORFeome Analysis of Sugarcane Hybrid and Ancestor Genotypes
Milton Yutaka Nishiyama Jr, Savio Siqueira Ferreir ...
Plant Molecular Biology
Co-expression network analysis reveals transcription factors associated to cell wall biosynthesis in sugarcane
Savio Siqueira Ferreira, Carlos Takeshi Hotta, Viv ...
Scientific Reports
Ethylene-induced transcriptional and hormonal responses at the onset of sugarcane ripening
Cunha CP, Roberto GG, Vicentini R, Lembke CG, Souz ...
Plant Signalling and Behavior
Roles of auxin and ethylene in aerenchyma formation in sugarcane roots
Tavares EQP, Grandis A, Lembke CG, Souza GM, Purga ...
Plos One
Analysis of Histones H3 and H4 Reveals Novel and Conserved Post-Translational Modifications in Sugarcane
Moraes I, Yuan ZF, Liu S, Souza GM, Garcia BA & Ca ...
BMC Genomics
Building the sugarcane genome for biotechnology and identifying evolutionary trends
de Setta N, Monteiro-Vitorello CB, Metcalfe CJ, Cr ...
Genome Biology
Biofuel and energy crops: High-yield Saccharinae take center stage in the post-genomics era
de Siqueira Ferreira S, Nishiyama MY, Paterson AH, ...
International Sugar Journal
The SUCEST-FUN regulatory network database: Designing an energy grass
Nishiyama-Jr MY, Vicente FFR, Lembke CG, Sato PM, ...
Plos One
Circadian rhythms of sense and antisense transcription in sugarcane, a highly polyploid crop
Hotta CT, Nishiyama MY, Souza GM
Effects of drought on the microtranscriptome of field-grown sugarcane plants
Gentile A, Ferreira TH, Mattos RS, Dias LI, Hoshin ...
International Sugar Journal
Sugarcane genome sequencing and gene discovery: getting closer to sugar content, fibre and drought traits
1. Lembke, Carolina G. ; Nishiyama, Milton Y ; FER ...
Plos One
A Novel Stress-Induced Sugarcane Gene Confers Tolerance to Drought, Salt and Oxidative Stress in Transgenic Tobacco Plants
Begcy K, Mariano ED, Gentile A, Lembke CG, Zingare ...
International Journal of Plant Genomics
Sugarcane functional genomics: Gene discovery for agronomic trait development.
Menossi M, Silva-Filho MC, Vincentz M, Van-Sluys M ...

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