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BMC Genomics
Signal transduction-related responses to phytohormones and environmental inputs in sugarcane
Flávia Riso Rocha, Flávia Stal Papini-Terzi, Milto ...
DNA Research
Transcription Profiling of Signal Transduction-Related Genes in Sugarcane Tissues
Flávia Stal Papini-Terzi, Flávia Riso Rocha, Ricar ...
Plant Biotechnology Journal 8
Sugarcane for bioenergy production: an assessment of yield and regulation of sucrose content
Waclawovsky, A.J., Sato, P.M., Lembke, C.G., Moore ...
BMC Genomics 10
Genes Associated to Sucrose Content
Papini-Terzi, F. S., Rocha, F.R., Vêncio, R.Z.N., ...
Tropical Plant Biology
Expression profile of signal transduction components in a sugarcane population segregating for sugar content
Felix, J. M., Papini-Terzi, F. S., Rocha, F. R., V ...
Plant Cell and Environment
Elevated CO2 increases photosynthesis, biomass, productivity and modifies gene expression in sugarcane
Silva, A.P., Gaspar, M., Silva, E.A.; Ulian, E.C.; ...
Plant Molecular Biology
Identification of sense and antisense transcripts regulated by drought in sugarcane.
Lembke, Carolina G. ; Nishiyama, Milton Y ; Sato, ...
In Submission
Sucrose accumulation regulation revealed through studies of the transcriptome and physiology in breeding populations of sugarcane
Paloma Mieko Sato, Rodrigo Fandinõ de Andrade, Mil ...
Full-Length Enriched cDNA Libraries and ORFeome Analysis of Sugarcane Hybrid and Ancestor Genotypes
Milton Yutaka Nishiyama Jr, Savio Siqueira Ferreir ...
Plant Molecular Biology
Co-expression network analysis reveals transcription factors associated to cell wall biosynthesis in sugarcane
Savio Siqueira Ferreira, Carlos Takeshi Hotta, Viv ...
In Submission
Sequence of a sugarcane hybrid reveals allelic diversity and ancestral allelic expression pattern

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