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Search of Cloning Information in Transgenic Plant Data & analysis
Transcript Search by name, part of name, oligo name, EST name or annotation. The tool returns a transcript or a list of transcript names with a link to a detailed description, containing all available and accessible information related with the selected transcript.
The goal of this tool is to provide the user, a tool for search one or more Gene vs Homologs.
Tool to search by list of Genes or Full-Length Genes, and Show protein and or Nucleotide Sequences.
Tool to search blast results by gene and annotation.
Search of Cloning Information in RT-PCR data & analysis
Tool to search categories from a list of SAS
Tool to search catalogues from a SAS name or a category.
Search Metabolic PathWay (under development)
Tool to search Metabolic Pathways from a list of SAS.


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