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Search of Cloning Information in Transgenic Plant Data & analysis
Transcript Search by name, part of name, oligo name, EST name or annotation. The search tool returns a hyperlink transcript list for more detailed information, for each selected transcript.
The tool allow the user to search by specific or all Ortholog Sugarcane transcripts with other Grasses.
Search by a list of Genes or Full-Length Genes, and show protein and or Nucleotide Sequences.
Search tool for the blast alignment results by gene and annotation, filtering by multiple criteria.
Search of Cloning Information in RT-PCR data & analysis
Search by list of SAS name and recover gene categories and annotation
Search by SAS name or gene function or Access by the tree of catalogues.
Search Metabolic PathWay (under development)
Search by one or more SAS names to recover the respective Metabolic Pathways.


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The collection and descriptions of the data objects and items in the data model
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