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  • With equipment of last generation, scientists linked to FAPESP Program for Research on Bioenergy (BIOEN) begin to decipher genome of sugar cane. Read the news Pontapé inicial (Authorship: Agência FAPESP).


The SUCAST Chips



The Project

cDNA microarrays are used to monitor genome activity and to associate function to new genes. The SUCAST arrays are produced in the CAGE Lab and are currently being used to profile sugarcane tissues, to identify differentially expressed genes in plants treated with phytohormones and submitted to stresses, and to point to molecular markers that may aid in improvement of sugarcane varieties. Differential expression also points to promoters that may aid in the construction of suitable sugarcane expression vectors.

General Coordinator: Glaucia Souza - Department of Biochemistry - University of São Paulo