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  • With equipment of last generation, scientists linked to FAPESP Program for Research on Bioenergy (BIOEN) begin to decipher genome of sugar cane. Read the news Pontapé inicial (Authorship: Agência FAPESP).

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Number of Categories: 4
Sugarcane Genome Files: 1
Sugarcane SAS Sequences Files: 3
Terms & Conditions Files: 4
Sucest-Fun ORFEOME Files: 5
To download Sugarcane ORFEOME, please note:

Any publication referring to the SUCEST-FUN ORFEOME genes, or reporting the research carried out with the SUCEST-FUN ORFEOME shall contain a reference, when appropriate, to the relevant publication describing the Sugarcane ORFEOME:


Full-Length Enriched cDNA Libraries and ORFeome Analysis of Sugarcane Hybrid and Ancestor Genotypes. Nishiyama MY Jr, Ferreira SS, Tang PZ, Becker S, Pörtner-Taliana A, Souza GM. PLoS One. 2014 Sep 15;9(9):e107351 and to the SUCEST-FUN Database (http://sucest-fun.org).

We would appreciate receiving, in due cource, a copy of any relevant publications. The copy should be sent to Glaucia M Souza (email:glmsouza@iq.usp.br) at Instituto de Química - Universidade de São Paulo.

This project was funded by FAPESP Bioenergy Research Program BIOEN (http://bioenfapesp.org)

General Coordinator: Glaucia Souza - Department of Biochemistry - University of São Paulo

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